The G.D.M. company since 1997 has employed all its resources and expertise in the following sectors: construction, environment, earth moving and especially in Oil & Gas. The primary objective is undoubtedly customer satisfaction: the company, therefore, aims to ensure the provision of services responding to specific requests. For this purpose the G.D.M. has mastered the Quality, Environment and Safety Management System. The adoption of this system is the result of a strategic decision taken by the Top Management team that, in order to be effective and efficient, must define and manage numerous activities that are linked together..

It is important to keep an Integrated Management System to provide its customers with greater certainty of the ability to control their own production processes, to meet their needs in an effective and efficient way and for all implicit and explicit aspects in compliance with company policies. The G.D.M. is committed to translate the envisaged principles by promoting the application of the integrated Management System, in line with European and international standards, taking care of a general and never-ending training process and raising awareness among its management and all team on the following issues: environment, safety and quality standards. The organization intends to periodically monitor the company system, in order to demonstrate the implementation of the organizational procedures and operating instructions needed to guarantee the service offered.

Certificate 18001

Certificate ISO 9001

Certifications 14001

Environmental policy certificate

Security policy certificate