GDM Margherita

ISO Certifications and Integrated Policy

Since 1997, GDM has dedicated all its resources and skills to the construction, green, earth moving and above all the Oil & Gas sector. Our primary objective is undoubtedly customer satisfaction: this is precisely why the company aims to ensure the provision of services that meet each customer’s specific requirements. To this end, GDM has mastered the Quality, Environment and Safety Management System. The adoption of this system is the result of a strategic decision by top management, which, in order to operate effectively and efficiently, must define and manage numerous interrelated activities.

It is important to maintain an Integrated Management System in order to provide customers with greater confidence in the ability to control production processes, to respond effectively and efficiently to their needs and for all implicit and explicit aspects in accordance with company policies. GDM is committed to making the principles it expounds a reality by promoting the application of the Integrated Management System, in line with European and international standards, with a focus on continuous training for all staff and raising awareness among management and all personnel about environmental, safety and quality control issues. The organisation is committed to periodically documenting the company’s System, in order to demonstrate the implementation of the necessary organisational procedures and operating instructions to guarantee the promised standard of service.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001:2018