Over time, thanks to our deep commitment to our work and constantly staying up-to-date in the field of technological innovation, we have modernised our skill-set, meaning that we can offer an ever wider range of services.

Civil and Industrial Maintenance

We have been operating in the Civil-Environmental sector in the Oil&Gas and Energy fields since 1997. Professionalism, reliability and a family atmosphere are the cornerstones of our company, the lifeblood that allows us to work for our customers with commitment and dedication.

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We build and rent scaffolding in the civil and industrial sectors: tube and joint, multidirectional and prefabricated. The entire process is supervised by highly-specialised personnel and technicians.

Third Party Transport and Waste Transport in ADR

GDM also deals with transport and logistics. In recent years, a branch of the company has become specialised in the transport of waste: solid and liquid, hazardous and non-hazardous. Our vehicle fleet includes semi-trailers, flatbeds, tanks and tankers.

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Ecological Maintenance

Ecological maintenance, including environmental restoration and environmental engineering work, is carried out with modern, state-of-the-art equipment. The service includes mechanical and manual mowing, seeding and hydroseeding, pruning and planting of all kinds of shrub and flower species.

Concrete Manufacturing

Manufacture of concrete artefacts, including various products commonly used in construction such as: concrete manholes, tiles, septic tanks, etc., and certain urban decoration products such as decorated vases, statues and perimeter fences.

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Handling, Porterage and Snow Service

Our personnel are available for logistical support, warehousing and porterage services, guaranteeing maximum professionalism and compliance with all necessary safety measures. During the winter period, the company is structured to provide services such as snow clearance, road opening and salt-sand spreading, all carried out using the latest generation of vehicles (tractors, trucks, turbines, snowmobiles).